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Jun. 3rd, 2010

window stalking


(no subject)

Who: Angel, Wesley
When: Shortly after sunset, the next day after the demon baby banquet rescue
Where: Wesley's office
What: An attempted apology

Even if Angel thought everyone had been a little guilty of overreacting, Cordelia, Gunn and himself at finding Max and Wesley missing, and Wesley thinking they had all gone and assumed the first, someone needed to do the apologizing. It'd be nice to just ignore it all, and hope that time brought everyone a new level of understanding, but he knew better. Throat sliced open abandoned in the park, or trapped in a metal box at the bottom of the ocean, better.

So, owning up, taking the blame for everyone, and coming out with a nice heart-felt apology was going to be Angel's next play. Just as soon as he actually brought himself to knock on the door to Wesley's office. He could hear he was in, and although he didn't physically require an invitation, he wasn't about to step foot in the man's sanctum without asking first. Not with him being as pissed as he was the night before, anyway. It'd just add insult to injury.

For Angel's apology to actually mean something, it was going to need to be done properly. He couldn't just apply the tactics he usually used for Cordelia here, either, as easy as it would be to go hunt down some rare and priceless books to throw down on Wesley's desk. Wesley was most certainly immune to bribery. But maybe if he threw in some toys for Max...?

Seeing as he wanted to be allowed to see Max again sometime before the kid turned eighteen, Angel threw any last ditch thoughts of bribery out the window, and finally very lightly knocked on the door to Wesley's office. He opened its door just enough so he could call in "Hey, d'you mind if I come in? That is, if you're not too busy?"


Superawesome training montage!

Who: Andrew, Faith
When: A little before noon
Where: The Mansion
Status: Incomplete

When Andrew had told Giles he couldn't wait to start bo-staff training, he really, really, couldn't! He'd gone straight to his bedroom after leaving the master Watcher's office, and straight to digging through one of the boxes he hadn't had time to unpack yet. A few minutes after that, he'd found the first thing he needed to get his training started; not the Slayer Giles suggested, or even an actual bo staff, but a wicked awesome purple banada of real ultimate ninja power.

Of course, finding the other two things were pretty important too, so he didn't too long in front of the mirror admiring his newest accessory. He used to have a "bo staff" to go with the bandana, but he didn't think a broom handle adorned with masking tape was going to cut it. So, his next stop was going to have to be the armory, to hook himself up with a real one.

He didn't quite make it all the way there, though, as he suddenly came upon a very physical block in his path; he'd run into someone. Seeing through a purple bandana wasn't easy. Also, his mind wasn't really focused too much on the present, but more on how awesome he was going to be in the bo-weilding future. He was so very excited for once to be told to go train with real weapons, instead of the normal cautionary "you'll poke your eye out!"

"Oh god, sorry, I'm sorry!" Andrew had automatically started his apology before he had even taken note of who it was he had walked right into. Before he could add anymore 'sorry!'s, he finally realized who exactly he'd gone and bumped right into: the dark Slayer incarnate herself, Faith.

He had actually planned to ask Buffy to be his Master Splinter, who would supervise his training in the art of bo staffery, but it seemed destiny wanted him to take another path. The darker one. Well, he knew Faith really hadn't turned to the Dark Side for awhile, so, maybe not darker, but more in the shade, kinda? The shady more brunette path! That didn't seem exactly right, either. Oh well. He'd get it right in the diary entry.

Apr. 12th, 2010

Serious 01


Training Day

Who: Dawn and Buffy
Where: Training Room of the Mansion
When: Mid-morning
What: Buffy and Dawn hanging, working on some training techniques
Status: Complete :)

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Exploring the Mansion

Who: Catherine and Open to Anyone
Where: Slayer Manor
What: Exploring her new surroundings
When: The day after Xander picks her up from the airport
Status: Incomplete

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Mar. 22nd, 2010

Peace out


Gunn and Faith Sitting in a Tree...

Who: Gunn and Faith
Where: Faith's Place
When: Right after this scene.
What: Gunn and Faith finish their 'date'
Status: Complete :)

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Feb. 3rd, 2010

how you doin'?


SKATE DATE (wow that sounds horrible.)

Who: Angel, Buffy, Cordy, Xander
When: Early evening
Where: A skating rink a few towns over
What: A totally non-date night out, on ice! There probably won't be any interruptions from crazy vampire ninja assassins, but one can always hope...?

Angel frowned as he gently patted the top of his hair, trying to somehow *feel* if it looked okay. It was times like this that not having a reflection in a mirror really felt like a disadvantage. Not that this was a real date. As much as he'd love to go somewhere with Buffy, just the two of them, he wanted to take things slow this time around. Of course, as soon as they were alone in a room together, not rushing things kinda became damn near impossible. Which is why he had pretty much begged (bribed) Cordelia to come along. With Buffy bringing Willow, it assured that the fun evening out, would remain just that. A night out among friends. But even if he wasn't going to be out with Buffy on a date, he still wanted to look his best for her.

It wasn't too often any of them found the time for a night off. And even when they did, there was always something. The fight always seemed to find them, no matter how hard they tried to avoid it. Even if there were plenty of Slayers, and good witches, and souled vampires, and rogue demon hunters, there was definitely no shortage of assorted hellspawn to be taken out.

This wouldn't be the first time he'd be going ice skating with Buffy, but he was hoping that tonight wouldn't be a direct repeat. Well, there were certain parts of that date he wouldn't mind repeating, actually. Just not the whole uninvited assassin part. That kinda thing had a tendency to ruin the entire evening...

After one final pat to the hair, Angel headed out and up to the main house to wait until everyone else was ready to leave.

Jan. 24th, 2010


Watcher Training

Who: Giles, Andrew
When: Early morning
Where: Giles' office
What: Before one can Watch a Slayer, one must learn to watch thyself! There's more than reading ancient moldy tomes of knowledge! Endless hardships, including the pricey custom tailoring of tweed!
Status: Complete

Being a Watcher was a lot like being a Jedi. Hand picked at a young age, training started just as soon as the little Watcherling's hands were big enough to hold a book. Actually, Andrew wasn't too sure on all of that. But judging from Mr. Giles, and Mr. Wyndam-Pryce? They barely had a sense of humor! Or maybe that was because they were British...?

Anyway. Training to be a Watcher was supposed to a lifelong journey on a road paved with a lot more than just papercuts! Andrew had started his personal journey to Watcherhood a little late. Luke Skywalker, late, actually. He hadn't been hand selected for the job, or anything. The only reason why he was able to even remotely qualify for it all, was because Watchers had suddenly found themselves a dying breed. What with the Watcher's Council having gone the way of Planet Krypton, and the scattered survivors hunted down by Bringers, there wasn't exactly a long line of volunteers left wanting to pick up the profession.

Andrew may have gotten in by default, but that didn't mean his training was supposed to be a walk in the park. He wanted to be a real Watcher, and he wanted to work hard to get there, consequences be damned!

He just needed to somehow relate that all to his mentors.

Which was why he had hidden himself in the library, with plans to ambush the first thing in tweed that moved. He had thought of inviting himself into Mr. Giles office to wait for him there, but the stupid door had been locked. And so, one credit card and super shopper discount card later, he had settled for a nice desk in the library.

At least he had something to work on while he waited: his final diary entry about Solace. It was something Andrew had been putting off, since it would make his Slayer's departure official. While he could always hope she wasn't needed elsewhere, and would show up back in Hope Fall's any day now, he knew better.

He knew there were plenty of Slayers left in the sea-- but there was only one Solace.

Jan. 21st, 2010



(no subject)

Who: Buffy, Willow, Tara
Where: Airport
When: Afternoon
Status: Incomplete

Buffy was still not the greatest driver. She was still an avid pedestrian and didn't shy away from public transportation. But, no longer living in a teeny town like Sunnydale meant she had to learn the dreaded driving skill. Despite endless lessons and actually securing her license, she still would classify her skill level as total suckage.

But, Willow and Tara were getting back from their vacation and she was eager to see her friends. Despite the vast number of people staying in the mansion, she missed the always friendly faces of the two witches.

So, she swerved through the streets on the way to the airport, shrieking at a few close calls and frowning after receiving 'the finger' from a few less friendly drivers. "I'm not that bad," she mumbled to herself. She saw the exit for the airport and accidentally cut someone off in the process of getting off the highway. She thought she heard a honk in the distance, but continued on her way until she finally arrived at the airport in one piece. Demons, vampires, apocalypses she could handle. Driving? Uhh, that was another story.

Climbing out of the car, she almost felt like kissing the pavement, but refrained. She glanced at her cell phone, glad she was at least on time. Or on time if their flight was on time. She hurried through the doors and weaved through the crowds until she found the right gate.

They had been gone for so long, she wondered if she should have held up a sign with their names in case they didn't recognize her.

Jan. 18th, 2010

Bitch please


Vacation shopping

Who: Lilah, Cordelia and Wesley (w. Max)
When: After Wes spontaneously booked a cruise
Where: First at Wes' home then the mall
What: Clothes and supply shopping for a vacation
Status: Incomplete

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Jan. 17th, 2010


Learning More About Yourself

Who: Abigail and Wesley
When: After the new year
Where: Manor's study
What: Becoming a Team
Status: Incomplete

It had been a quiet new year for Abigail Goodrich. She was happy to ring it in with an actual family, as dysfunctional as it may be on the inside. But still, it was a dysfunction that really was the nature of the lives they lived. She hadn't come into the new year with a resolution in years. Most recently, it really was just about surviving the streets, even when Gabby was alive. She prayed almost every night that they would make it to the next morning. When Gabby had gotten killed, part of her wondered if she just didn't pray hard enough the night before.

But it was a different sort of survival nowadays. And Abigail was blessed to have friends who are going through the same sort of survival, and are teaching her how to continue to do so. Even if she had learned about her destiny for quite a few months now, she still had questions. She still needed answers for a few things.

Sitting in the study at the moment, Abigail had a book opened in front of her about Slayers. It was one of Niks, a book the Watcher had given her just so she could learn more about where her powers had come from. She missed Niks, but the nightmares of that night were fading more and more as each moment of slumber passed. Maybe by the end of this year, it wouldn't affect her as much. Maybe the guilt of not being able to help Niks wouldn't stab her so hard.

With her new Watcher assignment, Abigail wondered if she would do well under Mr. Wyndham-Pryce. He was very nice in her moment of need, but he had witnessed her practically letting her Watcher die. He wondered if he feared the same thing of himself now that she was his most recent charge.

She sighed, flipping to the next page as she curled up more on the arm chair. Slayer history was very long and very emotional. Abigail was somehow connected to all these girls. Not by blood. But it might as well have been. Blood has to have something to do with why they were chosen. Why Abigail and not Gabby? Gabby, the one who knew how to survive and how to fight hard for it. The one who needed it the night she was killed.

It was a long, complicated history that Abigail wondered if she could ever truly grasp.

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